UBSSG is consider as the highest government body for the students of the University of Bohol. Every year, there is another new set of UBSSG officers and all the students were going to choose a responsible, knowledgeable, transparent leader that will listen and protect the needs and rights of every ubian.

For this year election, there were two parties involve for precidency, the DESIRE and the ASAP party. The DESIRE is lead by Mr. Frederick Namoc a 3rd year nursing student who runs for the positon as president nnd his vice president Mr. Refulle Luwen a 3rd year criminology student. The ASAP party is lead by Mr. Mercedario Caipang Jr. a 3rd year criminology student who also runs for the position as president. Mr. Caipang has no vice president so this means that Mr. Refulle will automatically consider as the new vice president of the University of Bohol. This two party met in front of almost all of the ubian during the Miting de Avance which was held last Thursday, February 23,2012 at around four o’clock in the afternoon. As I heard and watched the president of each party as they talked about their platforms, I would really say that Mr. Namoc really convinced me to cast my vote for him. I was really catched when he said that one of their platform was to reduced the fines during the UB Days because he noticed that most of the students were forced to attend some of the UB Days activities because of the fines and not for the reason that they really like or enjoy the activities. Mr. Caipang also had a good platform, he said that he will conduct an open forum for all the students so that not only the SSG officials will make a decision for the University of Bohol but also the entire students. I know that the two candidates aim for the good of all the ubians and for the success of the entire University of Bohol.

My vote is for Mr. Namoc because he has an impressive background abou service and as a student leader. I know that he had more experienced than Mr. Caipang because he was able to run an entire baranggay during his two terms as a Baranggay Captainand he will not be chosen again by the people in their baranggay if he was not a good leader.

I just really hope that who ever will become the next UBSSG president he will not do the same as the past president did. I hope that they will fulfill their plans for the success of UB and I hope that they would serve the ubians that has a fear of God within their mind and heart.

Miting De Avance

By glaiza1014

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