If my parents could brought me to the other country, I would choose
the country of France. As what I’ve heard and see in the television,
movies and magazines this European country is one of the best when we talked
about fashion, food, wines, tourist attraction and fmous architecture. If
I was born in this country, I would like to enroll in a school where I can
develop my talent. In fact, some of our filipino celebrities and artists were
trained and really studied there just to enhance their talents. If I was
there, I woudld enroll to a school where I can be a enhace my ability to become
a famous designer of a clothing line. We should not also forget the
glamourous capital city of France which is the Paris, alsp kown as the City
of Lights and Romance. It’s also the place where the famous Eiffel Tower is
located where you can see almost the entire city if you are on the top of the
Even though, I was never been there but France is one of the country I might
visit in the future.I might be working there if I have a chance.

By glaiza1014

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