Is there a way to make my computer run faster? Can you give me tips on what to do?

There are many ways to make your compute faster.
1. Disable the start up program that is not nescessary needed in the start up program. Fist go
to the start anc click run and then type msconfig and hit enter. After that you will see a box
and click the startup now you will see the startup progrm that is running uncheck the program
that is not needed in the startup and just check the needed program like your antivirus and also
go to the bootseeting and click advance options and then check the number of processors and chyoose
what is the higher one also check the maximum memroy and hit ok and click apply.

2. Erase the temporary files on computer. Just go to the start again and run and type %temp%
and hit enter. And now you will see the temporary files just select all by typing Ctrl+A and then
delete the files and skip the file(s) that that will not delete. After that go to recycle bin and
delete all the files.

3. Use Tuneup Utilities software, it is a kind of software that can make your computer system
faster it can help clean your registry, erase the internet history, gain disk space, check disk error,
fix problems, costumize windows and turbo mode for your computer.

4. Disk defragment. It is also important to the system, it can also help to optimize your computer
to make it faster. Just go to my computer and right click the local disk C and go to properties
and click the tools and you can see the defragmentation and click it and then click the defragment disk
and wait until it finish.

By glaiza1014

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